With car

It’s raining, you don’t want to take the bike and you don’t want to take the bus. So if you want to get around by car, here is the dedicated section.

Some advice

It is easy to get around by car in the plateau and the surrounding area, outside of rush hour, traffic is light and pleasant. We give you some advice on when it is wise to drive and when it is not.

  • To go shopping: indeed, taking two or three buses with your shopping bags for the week is never pleasant. To go to the Ulis for example or to a shopping center nearby, the fastest and most practical way is by car.
  • To take the RER, it can be useful to go to the Massy station by car. However, you don’t really save time compared to the bus, which can be justified if you have suitcases. Moreover, be careful with the parking in Massy, we advise you to park in the residential area above the station and to finish on foot to avoid bad surprises.
  • To go to Paris: it is debatable the advantage is that by going by car you don’t have any time constraint to come back in the evening, that said the travel time can be long because of the rather dense traffic and you will have to find a parking place, a task which can be difficult and expensive.

Rent a car

You don’t have a car? Don’t worry, solutions exist

Many students are without a car. The first solution is to use an Uber or a cab. But if you have a license, you can also use a Glide!

Glide is a start-up that offers cars for rent on campus. You want to go shopping? You just have to download the application, you select your vehicle and you can start! The rates are attractive and you can share with your friends!

Park in Saclay

If you have your own car you will have to find a solution to park. But don’t panic, here is what you can do

  • If you have your student card, there are many free parking places for you. Just present your card at the entrance and the barrier will open. You can stay as long as you want in these parking lots.
  • If you prefer your car to be sheltered, there are also many covered parking lots offered by student residences. Be careful though, they are not free and you will have to pay about 25 euros per month
  • Finally, if you prefer to live dangerously, you can park your car on the street, but you have to pay attention to the parking rules and to the possible costs that this entails
  • A new solution is now to use the Park’In Saclay application. It combines various technologies (sensors, cameras, users…) to allow you to find a parking space on the plateau