With public transports

You will be required to travel within the campus and more generally in the surrounding area. Whether it’s to go shopping, to Paris or to the airport, we help you get around with public transportation

The Bus

As far as the ticket is concerned, several means are available to you. Either you have a Navigo pass, which will allow you to take the bus in an unlimited way, it consists of an annual or monthly subscription. If you don’t have a Navigo pass, you can buy single tickets. You can buy them on the automatic terminals of most RER stations, but you can also buy them directly from the driver when you get on the bus. Be careful though, he doesn’t take the card and the ticket is more expensive than the one bought directly at a terminal.

Here is a link to the map of the different bus lines with the details of the schedules. Please note that the buses run every day, but of course at a lower frequency on weekends.


To buy tickets, unless you have a Navigo pass, you must buy them at one of the automatic terminals located in the stations. You have to be careful about the tickets you buy and pay attention to the zone in which your station is located. The fare will be different, so a ticket from Massy-Palaiseau to Paris will cost less than a ticket from the Guichet station. Also for the return trip, be sure to buy an appropriate ticket. We advise you to buy a book of 10 tickets from Massy station, it will be cheaper and they will work for the return trip too.

We advise you to download the City mapper application for your travels, it will give you the different routes, alerts in real time and it is very accurate.