With Bike

You came with your bike on the plateau, you wish to acquire one to practice this activity, to move or to have fun then you are at the right place

First step

You don’t have a bike yet and you want to buy or rent one?

Then here are the good plans!

If you want to buy your bike, your first reflex should be the classifieds websites with “le bon coin” in mind. Many individuals in the region sell their bikes here. You can find everything at any price and if you look hard enough, you will be able to make very good deals!

However, if you prefer to buy your bike new, there are many stores in the surrounding towns. You will find professionals who can advise you. We leave you some addresses of sellers in the area.

Now if you don’t want to buy a bike but still want to enjoy the great outdoors on your bike, don’t worry there is another solution: Zoov. Behind this barbaric name hides in fact a start-up which makes available to the inhabitants of the Saclay plateau electric bikes. You will find them in self-service just about everywhere on the campus. You just have to download the application and you will be able to enjoy high quality bikes to cross the plateau!

Second step

You now have your bike and you will be able to ride happily on the roads of the plateau. That said, before you start, here are some tips…

Although traffic is light on the plateau, we invite you to be very careful and to use the dedicated spaces as much as possible. There are many bike lanes, dedicated lanes and lanes shared with buses. Be careful when you travel, because due to the low traffic density, some drivers are less vigilant.

Remember to protect your bike by parking it in a dedicated space and securing it with a good quality lock. There are many bike parking areas on campus, some of which are enclosed and much more secure.

Be very careful at night, your bike must have a light because on the plateau there are many areas without street lights. Also wear a fluorescent vest to avoid any danger.

In case of mechanical problems you can find many repairers in the area as well as spare parts. For example, you can go to one of the sellers of the tray we mentioned above.

Third step

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to think outside the box…

With many forests, green spaces and paths, the plateau of Saclay and more generally the department of Essonne lends itself perfectly to the practice of mountain biking. It is the opportunity for you to discover the region in another way and to explore magnificent natural spaces!