Not far from the campus you will have the opportunity to explore this magical place

Versailles, Vladimir Kud, CC BY-NC 2.0

A mythical place within reach

To get there you can go by car, be careful though, most of the parking lots are not free and it can be expensive. Another way is to go by RER (regional express train) by taking the line C at Massy-Palaiseau station.

As far as entrance fees are concerned, it’s simple, if you are under 26 and you live in the European Union, everything is free, the gardens and the access to the castle.

We advise you to take time to visit the gardens, they are immense and really magnificent. In addition, on certain evenings during the year, “les grandes eaux” (the great waters) takes place, a great sound and light show that involves the different fountains of the castle, a show not to be missed.

You can then go inside and discover the magnificent rooms of the castle. You will be amazed by the visit, through the gigantic rooms and private salons…