The outings

Want to see new things, meet new people or discover new places?

We give you some addresses to go out towards Saclay

Au bureau :

A nice brasserie in the heart of Massy. An ideal place for after work and other social gatherings. The burgers are delicious and the atmosphere relaxed.

13, Place du grand ouest

91300 Massy

Le Musée :

A student bar in the heart of the campus, a festive atmosphere. Good beers and homemade pizzas are served, all in a young and festive atmosphere.

1, Rue Joliot Curie

91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Chez Camille:

A small restaurant in the heart of Orsay. A modern kitchen where everything is home made. The prices are really interesting and the service has nothing to complain about.

3, Rue du Verrier

91400 Orsay

Les saveurs sauvage :

Located in Gif, this restaurant offers an inventive world cooking. The desserts are delicious. The prices are a little bit higher but it is worth it.

24, Rue de La Croix de Grignon

91300 Massy