The different schools and universities

The Université Paris-Saclay is made up of several founding establishments, which we present to you here

CentraleSupelec – Université Paris-Saclay, Kevin Belbéhoc’h,-BY-SA 2.0 


A founding member of the Université Paris-Saclay, AgroParisTech is authorized to award the title of engineer. The school specializes in life sciences, the environment and agronomy. It offers numerous master’s and doctoral programs.


This school also delivers the title of engineer. It offers a generalist education and has many areas of specialization. It also has two other campuses in Metz and Rennes.

CentraleSupélec, bâtiment Bouygues – soirée étudiante au printemps, Hugo Noulin, CC-BY-NC 2.0

Ecole normale supérieure de Paris-Saclay

As a member of the École Normale Supérieure network, the ENS Paris-Saclay is a center for research and higher education in the scientific field.

Vue sur l’entrée de l’ENS Paris-Saclay, CC-BY-SA 4.0


The university has different faculties that offer university education of the type of license, master and doctorate in many fields. For example, there is the faculty of law, medicine, pharmacy, sports, sciences…

Institut d’Optique Graduate School

The Institut d’Optique is a major engineering school specializing in the physical sciences. It is notably the world leader in the field of photonics.

Instituts Universitaires de Technologies

The University of Paris-Saclay has three IUTs, which mainly offer DUT-type courses. These courses cover a wide range of fields, from computer science to robotics, including marketing and finance.

Polytech Paris-Saclay

Engineering school member of the University of Paris-Saclay, it gives mainly Bac+5 training in the field of computer science, electronics and material sciences.