The Université Paris-Saclay gather universities, schools of engineering and laboratories in order to be a major center for education, research and innovation.

This project initiated in the 70′ is enormous according to its cost, the number of actors involved and ambitions which have been decided. Paris Saclay University is now in completion phase and the results in term of national and international recognition are already there.

Some figures about the University


This is its rank on the well known ranking of Shanghai. It is the first French University.

65 000

This is the number of students in the University. It includes all bachelor, master and PhD students.

10 000

This is the number of teacher researchers working at the University or in affiliated laboratories.

1 300 000

The University counts more than 1 300 00 squared meters of classes, laboratories, work space…


This is the share that Paris Saclay University will represent in The French research by 2025.


The Campus includes 281 km2 of green space, hoods and agricultural plots.

Photographic credits : Jeremy Barande